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The Next Dimension in 3D Imaging

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Oprax Medical and iCRco


iCRco, Inc. is an independent leader in the design and manufacture of digital imaging hardware and software, offering innovative solutions for medical, industrial, and veterinary markets for over 28 years. Over the years, iCRco has been providing a full range of digital imaging solutions including cassette workflow, direct capture, and 3DCT. Its globally-recognized products reduce healthcare costs with reliable hardware systems and high-resolution capabilities. iCRco offers leading edge technology that integrates seamlessly into acquisition, practice management, and image archiving solutions.

Oprax Medical Int’nl Inc

Oprax Medical, established in 1981 has been in the x-ray industry supplying both x-ray equipment, products and accessories. We have been in partnership with TubeMaster Inc that was an x-ray tube loading facility in Texas, ELDCO Inc which was the west coast x-ray tube loading facility in California and with M.D.McCauley Co Inc, supplier of x-ray related products. Together, we have built a trusted name and reputation.


 iCrco’s 28 years

Oprax Medical’s 39 years

  Good reputation, excellent customer service, and customer satisfaction

Best of 2020 Award


 iCRco, has been committed to providing healthcare professionals the best in imaging technology while pulling costs out of healthcare. iCRco is proudly represented in the most busiest and exotic locations in over 90 countries worldwide.


 iCRco is proudly represented in the most busiest and exotic locations in over 90 countries worldwide.

Recently iCRco calculated almost 1.4 billion images captured since it entered the global arena.


Most iCRco hardware comes with one-year limited warranty. To extend your coverage further, we ask that you register your product. iCRco manufacturers the hardware and the software applications which makes them integrated systems.

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